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    Timothy Marcelino
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    Hello everybody! My name is Timothy.

    I was an avid painter back in my teenage years, I stopped painting when I entered college and with that naturally I gained new interests, hobbies and jobs, all of which came and gone away like the wind. I rediscovered my love for painting recently when a long-time friend of mine showed me her painting and I was instantly inspired to to paint again. I tried to paint again, I did an ok painting considering I haven’t painted in almost 12 years now. I discovered my fundamentals are pretty bad right now and was looking for a serious place to really learn more about the craft because I really want to build a solid foundation.

    In person learning is not really an option right now and so I thought I would go ahead and look for an online option. I did a lot of searching around on the internet and lead me to New Masters Academy and I’m hoping to really improve my art skills here and so far I am fairly impressed.

    Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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