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    In this lesson, instructor Mike Mattesi will introduce you to the key concepts of drawing with FORCE. You will learn about the experience of force and how to control your line while drawing. Mike will share with you the different ways to set up a drawing space and the materials he uses when drawing with FORCE.

    This lesson belongs to Drawing with FORCE. In this 9-week course, author and instructor Mike Mattesi will introduce you to his FORCE drawing methodology. You will learn a figure drawing process rooted in the physics of motion. Mike will go step by step from setting up your drawing space to understanding gravity’s force on the figure. You will learn key elements such as applied force, rhythm, and the leading edge; from there, improve your understanding of the figure and effectively capture it on the page. Through this course, Mike will take drawing the figure beyond just observation and introduce it in a way that relies on physicality.

    Throughout this course, you’ll have access to the NMA community for feedback and critiques to improve your work as you progress.

    Jeremy FriasJeremy Frias
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    Just finished week 1!

    I love the new materials I was introduced to, particularly the wax pencil/crayon. It wasn’t clear whether to get water soluble or not, I wonder if there’s a big different.

    I do notice it’s hard to get a dark mark with the graphite 9B, though I’m still just getting used to graphite in that shape. I’ve been using the Mitsubishi 10B for a while and love it.

    I’m enjoying the physicality of this drawing approach. Some samples from the soft touch assignment:

    maegen stacey
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    I am a traditional to digital artist myself, and I managed to find the best pencil? that suits me for this. I found it hard to lighten up my grip to give the gestures less harsh lines. I think around 6 is when i figured out a good soft spot for my pen to register a harder/softer press. I work on a huge canvas for each pose, what equals out to 16 1/2 by 16 1/2 for each pose. I shrunk them all down so i can put them in one a few of them have feet/hands cut off because I do draw huge.


    Karen Dodo
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    So excited to try the wax crayons, but are we to concerned about the inability to erase? I erase my arm short!

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