Composition for Visual Artists | Week 7: Primaries of Design

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    We are pleased to share with you a 10-week long class brought to you by Art Mentors. In this class, renowned Disney Art Director and Instructor Bill Perkins will teach composition for artists. In this 7th lesson, Bill will discuss the three primaries of design, line, mass, and form, and how your marks are biased by any one of those three.  He will then demonstrate how to create renderings based upon the individual primaries or any combination of the three.


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    Hello Bill,

    This is very interesting and I am learning so much, but I am struggling to reconcile this class about the primaries of design and value grouping. So, if you take the example of your drawing of the Anglin river in France, where you determined your primaries of design, how then do you incorporate the value grouping? Do value grouping have to follow the primaries of design? I would have love to see how you go on with this next step.



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    Hello Bill,

    I have been watching this series and in this demo of the landscape, I am wondering if the reflections in the water are considered notan or chiaroscuro?

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    Hi, the reference pdf document for this week 7 lesson does not work. Would it be possible to have this fixed? thanks.

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