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    In this exciting in-depth drawing series, instructor Steve Huston shows you a step-by-step construction of the human head. He covers the basic forms and more detailed intermediate constructs of the head as well as the eyes, nose, mouth and ears. In this lesson, Steve covers how to construct the eye within the eye socket. He will also show you how the eye lids are placed around the eye as well as the brow ridges.


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    I found it difficult to dissect the information given in the eye tutorial, not to discredit Mr. Huston’s teaching methods- but he mumbles a lot and is quite vague in parts, other than that this tutorial has been great!

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    Wow and I thought I knew about about structure. When you think you know it theirs always more to learn. It was great but yes at times i didn’t understand what he was saying particularly with his choice of words to describe things. All in all great teacher knows his stuff

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    I just re-subscribed to N.M.A at the weekend.  I love the new format of the site. Makes it so much easier to navigate and create a learning plan and schedule that works for me. I started on Steve’s beginning head drawing course on Sunday as I have chosen to focus on the head and go back to basics in that regard. I have to say that I find Steve’s teaching approach wonderful. Its a simple no nonsense approach. Very practical and the way he has it structured really suits my learning style. I have learned more about the head in the past three days than I have in the past 6 months or year. A great teacher. Looking forward to moving through this and other courses that Steve presents, as well as some of the other instructors that seem to suit what it is I need to work on and the direction I feel my learning needs to progress towards.  I love this online school. For me its by far the best out there, and I have tired a good few.

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    Enjoying the series, very informative.

    I really wish however they would replace the ‘learning from the old masters’ sections as they’re a bit of a gimmick. The time during that could be used to explore the blueprints of the structure from different perspectives.

    Not to discredit Steve or anything but we’re paying for a lesson on intermediate eye structure and wasting time looking at this as reference?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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