Advanced Head Drawing | Part 4: Expressions

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    Master artist Steve Huston brings you his highly-anticipated advanced head drawing series. In the 4th installment, he shows you that the rigid and elastic parts of the face and head dictate their ability to move with a given expression. There are key points of the face that are pushed, and others that are pulled. Being mindful of the “marionette-string” features of the facial muscles allows you to emulate and exagerrate the expressions of your model in your drawings. Steve will do several demonstrations working from photo references, which you can find attached to this page.


    • Sharpie Markers
    • Colored Chalk
    • Conté Crayon – Black
    • Toned Drawing Paper
    • Waterman Paris Fountain Pen
    • Conté Drawing Pencil – Sepia
    Matthew HaverlyMatthew Haverly
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    Hello – I am very new artist, really enjoying your course(s).

    I was wondering about anatomy in general.  It comes up a lot.  If I am mainly drawing from observation, I am struggling a little to connect with having a deep understanding of anatomy is helping.  I know that there is tons more to go into with it.  Is it so I can go beyond observational drawing?  I feel like I am learning about it a bit.  But beyond a certain point I am having a hard time understanding the return on it.  Not complaining – just trying to understand better.  Just thought I would try to spin up some discussion and maybe find some helpful feedback.  Thank you!

    Mike Sanders
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    I believe some knowledge on anatomy would help. I recommend Mark Westermoes Reilly head course, I took that before taking this one and it really made it much easier for me to see the connections and think analytically.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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