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    #1/100  “Mini Red Velvet Cupcake”.

    10 brushstrokes. Oil on mat board. (I spin, zig-zag and drag paintbrush till it stops making a mark and I call it 1 stroke). ☺️

    Joshua JacoboJoshua Jacobo
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    Delicious! So what is your challenge going to be exactly?

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    Thank you!

    Sandra’s 10 Brushstroke Painting Challenge.

    My Goal:

    Daily paint a sketch (oil or acrylic),  using only 10 brushstrokes. No more.

    I feel that this will challenge me to take in my subject… strategize, and only use the most necessary brushstrokes!  From the time my brush hits the surface… zig-zag, spin and drag-till the paint trails off… that will count as 1 brushstroke.

    This appeals to me because committing to 100 sketches seems daunting, but I only ever have to put down 10 strokes! And, I feel it will be beneficial in helping me simplify.

    One down…!  🙂


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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