The Spirit of the Pose

Join master figurative draftsperson Karl Gnass as he teaches you how to draw the figure in a direct and compelling way. Karl will teach you to see past the details of the figure to focus on the "spirit of the pose," or the dynamics and weight of the drawing. You will learn Karl's five key elements: Gesture, Formulation, Anatomy, Light and Tone, and Aesthetics.

6 Lessons 28h 58m 29s of videos

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Common Questions

Is this learning path for advanced students only?
No, though it is recommended that you have some drawing experience before beginning this Learning Path. If you are new to drawing, try starting with the A Beginner's Guide to Drawing.
Do I need to know anatomy before beginning this Learning Path?
No, anatomical knowledge is helpful but not required. Karl will cover some anatomy in the series.
Are assignments included in this Learning Path?
Yes, assignments and demonstrations are included throughout the series.