Sight-size Plaster Cast Drawing

Drawing the plaster cast is a traditional assignment that artists have used to improve their understanding of form and their accuracy. In this course you will learn how to do a sight-size plaster cast drawing either from a cast at home or using the provided images or 3D models.

1 Lessons 7h 35m 24s of videos

Level 1

Common Questions

Is this course part of another course?

Yes, this course is part of Complete Sight-Size Drawing Course.

Can I do this course digitally?

Yes. Even if you're working digitally you can still sight-size either using a second screen next to your primary screen or putting both your reference and drawing on the same screen, side by side.

What if I don't have access to plaster casts?

We provide everything you need with this course. You can use a computer screen as your display or print out our references (images and 3D models) and work the same as if you had the objects in life.