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Oil Painting Atelier

American painter, author, and art educator Juliette Aristides teaches you the realist drawing and painting process taught at her atelier. In this course, Juliette will begin with still life, first drawing with an emphasis on accuracy, then painting a value study using black and white oils until finally moving into full color. This process is repeated for a seated pro painting where you can now learn to deal with the more complex subject matter.

2 Lessons 10h 12m 3s of videos

Level 1

In this video lesson artist and author, Juliette Aristides walks you through a comprehensive approach to drawing and painting with a particular focus on preparatory sketches. Juliette both draws and paints a still life by moving through several clear and logical stages, starting with charcoal and finishing with oil paint. Materials Nitram Academie Fusains Charcoal […]

Level 2