Landscape Drawing Crash Course

This course is a short overview of how to draw landscapes with veteran New Masters Academy instructor Steve Huston. You will learn how the concepts of gesture and structure apply to landscape drawing and painting and how to make clear design decisions for stronger drawings.

5 Lessons 5h 56m 32s of videos

Level 1

In this video lessons world-renowned painter Steve Huston will teach you a structural approach to painting the landscape. Steve will cover the overall construction of elements within your piece as well as gradation, foreground versus background, shape, positive and negative space and the Three Value System. Materials Sharpie Marker Newsprint Carbothello Pencil – Burnt Umber […]
In this video lessons world-renowned artist Steve Huston continues his landscape series by focusing on the elements of design for landscape drawings and paintings. Steve will show you how to break your composition into quadrants to help analyze the compositional and three-dimensional elements including perspective. Steve will cover how to establish the right frame for […]

Level 2

Level 3