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Drawing Lessons from Art History

How do we find our own voice as artists in a sea of creative ideas and with so much richness of art history behind us? In this inspirational and beginner-friendly course, American painter Danny Galioete helps you to analyze to the great masters of the past and extract drawing and painting lessons from their example to combine that knowledge with our own contemporary sources.

7 Lessons 17h 8m 53s of videos

Level 1

Level 2

Danny analyzes the work of Venetian Master Jacopo Tintoretto. He will begin with a draw-over analysis, identifying key characteristics in Tintoretto’s work. He then puts pencil to paper to further illustrate these stylistic elements. Following that, he analyzes the work of American painter Thomas Hart Benton and his use of silhouette and simultaneous contrast in his paintings, murals, and lithographs. Danny urges you to glean techniques from the masters just as Benton did with Tintoretto as you solidify your personal artistic style.

Level 3

Danny does an analytical study of a costumed-figure drawing by the master Jacopo Pontormo. You will begin by laying in the figure with light, loose and long lines while checking your alignments and proportions. Then you will proceed to develop the head, torso, arms and hip area, as well as the forms, folds and underlying structure.

Danny analyzes and breaks down a drawing on toned-paper by the master Anthony Van-Dyck. First you will see how to block in the basic rhythms and flows throughout the figure and how to get a good lay-in. Then you will begin to build upon your initial line-work with the form and structure by working across the figure and relating both sides.