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This course has been recently reformatted to include assignments and references. Part one is available now here.

Constructive Head Drawing

Join renowned artist Steve Huston as he teaches you a direct and powerful approach to drawing the human head and portrait. This beginner-friendly course leaves nothing out of the process. You will learn how to visualize the head as simple three-dimensional forms, how to design the shapes and lines of the head and how to deal with anatomy, rendering, expression, aging, characterization and hair.

13 Lessons 29h 55s of videos

Level 1

Learn how to use solids (boxes, cylinders, spheres) to form the basic structure of the head. This lesson is a fundamental step in learning how to create a solid foundation to place the features of the face on. He will also show you how to construct the basic head in different perspectives. Following Steve's lecture, he will illustrate how the Old Masters constructed the human head. You will then be given a timed assignment from Steve to utilize what you have learned and practice your skills. Finally, Steve will share with you how he goes about the assignment through his own techniques.

Level 2

In this series, master artist Steve Huston brings you his highly-anticipated advanced head drawing lessons. This first lesson in the series will cover drawing the hair, a fun but often tricky feature to accurately represent. Steve will begin with a lecture, giving you an overview of how to draw several hair types, as well as […]
Master artist Steve Huston brings you his highly-anticipated advanced head drawing series. In the 6th installment, he discusses the process of taking what nature gives you (the model’s natural facial structure) and modifying it for your own characterizations. Steve will do several demonstrations working from photo references, which you can find attached to this page. […]

Level 3