Art Anatomy for Beginners

If you know you need to learn human anatomy but you’re not sure where to begin, this course is for you. Renowned painter Steve Huston gives you an introduction to anatomy from the perspective of the mechanics of motion and aesthetics which is the best first step on your path to learning the body. Challenging without being overwhelming, you will learn less about anatomical details and more about how to simply the structures of the body to create more beautiful and effective artwork. This course follows in the tradition of George Bridgman, Burne Hogarth and others.

6 Lessons 11h 18m 39s of videos

In this first part Steve Huston will teach you an approach to simplifying human anatomy for more effective artwork. After a refresher on the concepts of gesture and structure, you will learn a functional and constructive approach to human anatomy that focuses on simplifying the complexity of the figure and creates an effective narrative and aesthetic result. Steve will lecture, demonstrate from a live model, and teach you how to simply break down the rib cage.

Learn a simple, constructive approach to drawing the arms and legs. You will learn mechanical concepts, comparative anatomy (comparing humans to other animals), as well as ways to make analogies between the upper and lower limb in order to understand and draw this area of the body with greater confidence.

Learn techniques for simplifying and constructing hands and feet for your drawings and paintings. These complex structures are often overwhelming and many artists resort to hiding them or copying from reference. Steve will show you how to use the concepts of construction, design, mechanics, and aesthetics to create beautiful hands and feet in your artwork.

In the sixth and final part of the course Steve will help you understand how to bring together the principles learned in the course and put your new anatomical knowledge to the test by drawing fully rendered figures. You will learn how some great masters such as Michelangelo used anatomy as well as watch a long figure drawing demonstration with Steve.

Common Questions

Which courses should I take before starting this one?

We recommend that you have some figure drawing experience before starting this course. Constructive Figure Drawing with Steve Huston would be a great place to start but we also recommend Renaissance Figure with Glenn Vilppu Drawing, and the Spirit of the Pose with Karl Gnass.

Is this a good place to start if I have no experience with anatomy?

Yes! That's exactly how his course was designed. This is a great place to start learning human anatomy.

Which courses should I take after this one?

The next course we recommend to continue your study of anatomy is Human Anatomy for Artists with Rey Bustos where you will learn more about each of the muscles and bones of the body.

Can I take this course digitally (Photoshop, Procreate)?

Yes! Like all of our courses you can easily follow along using a tablet or any other digital device.

Do I need to memorize anatomical terminology for this course?

No, you will be learning the mechanics and big architectural forms of the body but you won't have to learn any latin!