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The Human Machine with Steve Huston

The Human Machine
Simplify the Study of Anatomy Focusing on structure & function.

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Steve Huston
Art Theory, Drawing
Anatomy, Human Figure
Colored Pencil, Marker, Paper, Pen
1h 49m 19s

In this lesson, instructor Steve Huston will teach you an approach to simplifying human anatomy for more effective artwork. After a refresher on the concepts of gesture and structure, you will learn a functional and constructive approach to human anatomy. This lesson focuses on simplifying the figure and creating an effective narrative and aesthetic result. Steve will lecture, demonstrate from a live model, and teach you how to break down the rib cage.

This lesson belongs to the course Art Anatomy for Beginners. In this 6-week course, renowned painter Steve Huston will provide you an introduction to human anatomy. You will study how he uses the perspective of aesthetics and mechanics of motion, to deconstruct the anatomy of a human figure. You will learn how to simplify the structures of the figure, in order to create compelling and effective drawings. Following the traditional approach of historic drafts persons like George Bridgman and Burne Hogarth, this course will provide you a concrete foundation of anatomy, tailored specifically for artists.

Throughout this course, you’ll have access to the NMA community for feedback and critiques to improve your work as you progress.

Beginner Friendly