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The Artist’s Sketchbook: Watercolor & Pen | Part 1 with Steve Huston

The Artist’s Sketchbook: Watercolor & Pen | Part 1
Practice Makes the Artist Your Sketchbook is Important!

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For years, master artist Steve Huston has been asked how he creates his beautiful sketchbooks. In this series, he will teach you how to blend two very distinct processes into one great way to do studies – or for that matter – finishes.

Covering landscape, still-life, and figure, Steve shows you why watercolor is such a great tool for planning out a tonal or color composition, why it’s ideal for creating what he refers to as “happy accidents,” and how it can help you make that difficult transition from competent draftsman to first class painter.

Additionally, Steve will put in time using pen and ink, and brush and ink, exploring ideas for planning future paint strokes, seeing how it will help develop your eye for the precise way to track and/or reinvent form on paper or canvas and see how you can sneak a little color and flare into these time-honored tools.

Practice with Steve as he lectures and demonstrates how to begin and finish both quick sketches and more complete renderings.

This series is based on a live-streamed workshop hosted by Art Mentors in late 2017.

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