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Self-Portrait Meditations Live Class – June 2023 with Miles Yoshida

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Miles Yoshida
Head & Portrait
Charcoal, Pen, Pencil

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Class Description

In this engaging Live Class, instructor Miles Yoshida invites you to traverse the fascinating realm of self-portraits. Over 8 weeks, Miles will guide you in honing techniques that will deepen your comprehension of self-portraiture. You’ll embark on a series of projects, crafting multiple self-portraits that offer an in-depth exploration of your personal identity and artistic expression. Each week, Miles will assist you in infusing life into your self-portraits. What’s more, each assignment in this course is intentionally designed to leverage and build upon your previous work, enabling a steady refinement of your skills and an amplification of your artistic vision. Besides practical instruction, Miles will delve into insightful discussions about the concept of the “Self”, sharing his invaluable perspectives. This will foster a rich understanding of the creative journey and the ties between art and identity. So, join Miles Yoshida on this transformational journey of self-portraiture that promises to unlock your artistic potential and elevate your craft to extraordinary levels.

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