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Long-Pose Figure Drawing on Stretched Paper with Iliya Mirochnik

Long-Pose Figure Drawing on Stretched Paper
The time has finally come... to put your skills to the test

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Iliya Mirochnik
Human Figure
7h 8m 13s
Russian Drawing Course 4: The Human Figure

You’ve arrived at a pivotal moment in your curriculum.

This project is the culmination of everything you’ve learned in Parts 1-3, as well as the shorter pose projects you completed in Part 4. Approach it with a confident and newfound understanding of anatomy, a keen eye for form, and mark-making proficiency.

Using the large paper prepared in the Fundamentals section of this course, join Iliya in the execution of a long-pose figure drawing from life. Premium subscribers can download the hi-res reference images to follow Iliya’s every stroke and create their own drawing of Mark. On such a big canvas, getting accurate proportions is crucial. Iliya Mirochnik gives you a generous vocalization of his inner monologue, a running descriptor of his every decision. He gives you excellent tips for completing such a large piece, for working with a live model, and for preparing yourself for the challenge.

Join Ukrainian-born artist Iliya Mirochnik as he passes on a 250-year-old academic method preserved at the Repin Academy in Saint Petersburg, Russia and seldom taught outside of the Academy and never before on camera.

The Russian Academic drawing and painting approaches were uninterrupted by the modern art movements that transformed representational art in the West, and as a result, they provide a unique and clear lineage to the greater art traditions of the past. As a powerful approach that is both constructive and depictive, it combines the two methods that prevail in contemporary representational art.

In this course, we have set out to condense the entire program, spanning over eight years into a logical, step-by-step procedure. We have made improvements and added resources and exercises to explicitly drive home the concepts that are required to work in this approach.

We have also structured the course so that it is not only useful for professional and experienced artists but also artists with no drawing experience whatsoever.

The New Masters Academy Coaching Program directly supports this Course. If you enroll in the coaching program, you can request an artist trained in the Russian Academic Method including Iliya Mirochnik himself. Click here to enroll in the Coaching Program.


  • Graphite pencils
  • Kneaded and Hard Erasers
  • Sanding Block
  • Utility Knife
  • Roll of Paper, Smooth Sketchbook paper
  • Easel
  • Light source

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