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Portrait Drawing for Beginners | Part 1: Planning Your Portrait with Chris Legaspi

Portrait Drawing for Beginners | Part 1: Planning Your Portrait
Learn the Fundamentals of Portrait Drawing! Begin by planning and designing your picture

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Chris Legaspi
Drawing, Head / Portrait
Digital Tablet, Sharpie pen
3h 10m 24s
Portrait Drawing for Beginners

In this three part series, Chris Legaspi covers everything you need to know about beginning portrait drawing, from start to finish. In this first lesson of the series, Chris goes over the steps to take in the planning phase of your portrait drawings. He will begin with a thorough lecture that covers the first two steps in his process: Observation and Placement. Chris will demonstrate these steps by analyzing a variety of different model references throughout. Following the lecture, you will have an assignment that will give you a chance to put these concepts into practice. The lesson will conclude with Chris’s version of the same assignment, allowing you to compare your work with his.


  • Sharpie Markers
  • Drawing Paper
  • Digital Tablet

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