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Perspective “For the Rest of Us”: Three-Point Perspective with Sheldon Borenstein

Perspective “For the Rest of Us”: Three-Point Perspective
Learn Free-Hand Perspective for Drawing and Painting Draw buildings and street scenes in dramatic perspective

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Many artists are intimidated by the complexity of linear perspective. In this video series, instructor Sheldon Borenstein shows you a friendly and simple approach to perspective. In this third video lesson, Sheldon will focus on three-point perspective which is vital for drawing extreme up and down angles. You will learn how to: find your vanishing points and horizon line, make a grid of your drawing, draw from low and high angles, and create ellipses. Sheldon will then apply these concepts to a low-angle drawing of a building using colored pencil.


  • Pilot Rexgrip Retractable Pen
  • Copic Marker
  • Faber-Castell Big Brush Artist Pen – Dark Sepia and Black
  • Kuretake ZIG Letter Pens
  • Kuretake ZIG Letter Pen Cocoiro Body
  • Prismacolor Colored Pencil – Scarlet Lake
Beginner Friendly