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Perspective “For the Rest of Us”: One-Point Perspective with Sheldon Borenstein

Perspective “For the Rest of Us”: One-Point Perspective
Learn Free-Hand Perspective for Drawing and Painting Sheldon will show you a simple approach to one-point perspective

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Many artists are intimidated by the complexity of linear perspective. In this video series, instructor Sheldon Borenstein shows you a friendly and simple approach to perspective. In this first lesson of the series, Sheldon will cover the basics of one-point perspective, showing you how to find your vanishing points and horizon line, how to make grid of your drawing, and how to correctly scale. Sheldon will then apply these concepts to a demonstration drawing of a bridge using markers.


  • Kuretake ZIG Letter Pens
  • Kuretake ZIG Letter Pen Cocoiro Body
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pens
  • Cretacolor Lead Holder
Beginner Friendly