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Modeling the Portrait in Clay Part 1: Armature and Measurements with David Simon

Modeling the Portrait in Clay Part 1: Armature and Measurements
Preparing for the Sculpting Process Build your armature and measure your model

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David Simon
Modeling & Sculpture
Anatomy, Head & Portrait
Oil-Based Clay
1h 37m 56s
Modeling the Portrait in Clay

Join internationally acclaimed artist, David Simon, as he teaches you his approach to modeling a three-quarter life-size portrait in clay.

You will learn how to build your armature, take measurements of your model, block-in the facial features, hair, and neck, and how to build relationships between them. David will also cover the materials and tools he uses, and demonstrate his finishing techniques.

This course is a comprehensive representation of the sculpting process from a few blocks of clay, a pipe, and a wire, to a finished portrait. 

In this first lesson, David introduces his modeling approach, shows how to build an armature, measure a model, and applies measurements to the portrait. He also covers the measuring tools, including calipers, dividers, and nails.

Beginner Friendly

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