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Introduction to Graphite Pencil and Charcoal with Sheldon Borenstein

Introduction to Graphite Pencil and Charcoal
Explore Drawing and Painting with Different Mediums! Learn the characteristics of two most popular drawing mediums, graphite and charcoal

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Sheldon Borenstein
Tools and Materials
Charcoal, Paper, Pencil
40m 59s

In this lesson, you will learn about graphite and charcoal. Instructor Sheldon Borenstein walks you through the different types of drawing pencils, from hard to soft. Afterward, he introduces you to charcoal, which is greatly used in tonal drawing. He shows you how to manipulate each medium on paper, through his demonstrations of basic shapes and landscape.

This lesson belongs to the course Introduction to Materials. In this 8-week course, Sheldon Borenstein shares his experience as a professional artist to help you better understand the uses of major drawing and painting media. He gives demonstrations on the same subjects, using different mediums like graphite, charcoal, markers, and many more, in order to compare and contrast their characteristics. After completing this course, you will have a general understanding of the most popular art mediums.

Throughout this course, you’ll have access to the NMA community for feedback and critiques to improve your work as you progress.

You do not need to purchase specific materials to take this course.
We have included a materials list as recommendation only. If you cannot find a specific material in your area, use the closest equivalent available to you. Doing so will allow you to have the best possible learning outcome from this course. For help with finding alternative materials, including how to take this course with digital tools, please join our community Discord.

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