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Influences behind Miles Yoshida’s Ink Art, Materials for Inking, and Hatching with Straight Lines with Miles Yoshida

Influences behind Miles Yoshida’s Ink Art, Materials for Inking, and Hatching with Straight Lines
Master the Art of Inking Explore the influences behind Miles's ink art and be introduced to the materials for inking

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Miles Yoshida
Drawing Exercises, Tools and Materials
Ballpoint Pen, Brush, Pen
2h 26m 59s

In this lesson, instructor Miles Yoshida will introduce you to the influences and inspiration behind his famous inking artwork. You will be examining the techniques behind old Renaissance drawings. Miles will share with you his body of work and introduce you to his drawing process. Then, you will explore the materials needed for inking and watch Miles demonstrate hatching on paper using straight lines.

This lesson belongs to the course Introduction to Inking. In this 12-week course, Miles Yoshida will provide you with a complete manual for inking. You will start the course by examining old Renaissance drawings. You will study the essential materials needed for inking, including a ballpoint pen, a technical pen, a dip pen, and a brush. Then, Miles will demonstrate hatching and creating gradients using straight and curvilinear lines. From there, he will show you how to apply those skills to a compositional study of basic forms. You will also get a chance to create a master copy which will further strengthen your hatching ability. Toward the second half of the course, Miles will teach you how to draw a still-life, hands, animals, and landscapes in different approaches. Lastly, you will learn to create a self-portrait drawing from life on toned paper using a combination of black and white inks. This course will offer you many opportunities to practice your hatching skills so that you can capture any subject and master the art of inking.

Throughout this course, you’ll have access to the NMA community for feedback and critiques to improve your work as you progress.

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