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Zorn and Extended Palette Painting Exercises with Joseph Todorovitch

Zorn and Extended Palette Painting Exercises
Learn the Basics of Painting Portraits with Color Apply the Zone Palette for Reliable Results!

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Joseph Todorovitch
Head & Portrait, Tools and Materials
Brush, Canvas, Oil Paints
9h 44m 23s

How do value design and color design work together in a portrait? What is color temperature and how do you apply it? How do you keep your paintings from getting muddy, or unclear? These are many of the questions answered by internationally renowned painting Joseph Todorovitch, in this comprehensive lesson. As you did before in the Grisaille lesson, here you will do a 4-up painting thumbnail assignment as well as a longer portrait, applying concepts such as contrast, posterization, form, edge and brushwork and the focal point and first read.

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