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Drapery: The Pipe Fold with Iliya Mirochnik

Drapery: The Pipe Fold
Understanding the Pipe Fold Drapery

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Iliya Mirochnik
Anatomy, Design, Still life
Charcoal, Charcoal Pencil, Paper
1h 36m 58s
Russian Drawing Course 6: Drapery

The Pipe Fold will serve as an introduction to drawing cloth as it’s basic shape comprises primarily of cylinders.  In this lesson, you will learn how to draw and describe the general structure of this kind of fold, which will allow you to reconstruct the Pipe Fold from imagination. Taking what you’ve already learned about rendering simple forms, and applying it to drawing the Pipe Fold, you will expand your ability to draw different materials and fabric and create a structure for analyzing and drawing drapery.

This lesson includes both the reference image used in the lecture as well as a 3d model of the plaster cast for your assignment.


Graphite pencils
Kneaded and Hard Erasers
Roll of Paper, Smooth Sketchbook paper

Used in video :
Long point sharpener
Sharp eraser
Waterdrop blender

Beginner Friendly