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Head Drawing 1 | Part 5: Facial Features with Charles Hu

Head Drawing 1 | Part 5: Facial Features
Master the Fundamentals of Head Drawing! Charles will help you tackle the intricacies of drawing facial features

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Charles Hu
Head / Portrait
Conté Crayon
1h 15m 17s
The Structure of the Head

In this series, instructor Charles Hu teaches you his approach to beginning head drawing. This six-part series will cover: Proportions, the Structure of the Skull, Laws of Light, Achieving Likeness, Facial Features, and Facial Expressions. In this fifth lesson,  Charles shows you the intricacies of drawing the eyes, nose, and ears.

Go to the reference tab for the same images that Charles used for his drawings!



  • Conté a Paris Crayons – Black, White, Bistre, Sanguine
Beginner / Intermediate

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