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Head Drawing 1 | Part 1: Proportions and Structure with Charles Hu

Head Drawing 1 | Part 1: Proportions and Structure
Master the Fundamentals of Head Drawing! Begin with the basic structure of the skull and features

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Charles Hu
Head & Portrait
Chalk, Conté, Pen
2h 12m 8s
The Structure of the Head

In this series, instructor Charles Hu teaches you his approach to beginning head drawing. This six-part series will cover: Proportions, the Structure of the Skull, Laws of Light, Achieving Likeness, Facial Features, and Facial Expressions. In this first lesson, you will learn Charles’ methods for finding the correct proportions of the head and features of the face. Charles will do several demonstrations, both from imagination and photo reference, and will conclude the lesson by giving you an assignment to help you practice what you’ve learned.


  • Conté a Paris Crayons – Black, White, Bistre, Sanguine
  • Faber-Castell Ambition Fountain Pen – Medium
Beginner Friendly

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