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Forest Scene Landscape Demonstration with Steve Huston

Forest Scene Landscape Demonstration
Learn the Fundamentals of Landscape Steve will guide you through sketching a simple landscape from photo reference

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Steve Huston
Drawing, Landscape
Colored Pencil, Conté Pencil, Sharpie pen
51m 39s

In this video lesson Steve continues his Landscape series by finally doing a demonstration that applies many of the principles previously discussed. Steve will draw a misty forest scene using Sharpie pens as well as a white Conté pencil and white chalk stick. Steve will demonstrate concepts such as composition, perspective, creating value, stylization, technique, as well as the idea of developing a narrative for your audience. Through this relatively quick study you will begin to understand the thought process and approach that Steve uses in his own work.


  • Sharpie Marker
  • Conté Drawing Pencil – White
  • Toned Paper

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