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Drawing in Space Part 1: Set-up and Block-in with Robert Bodem

Drawing in Space Part 1: Set-up and Block-in
Block-in of the sculpture's basic structure Robert Bodem shows how to start sculpting the figure from life considering structure and gesture.

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Robert Bodem
Modeling & Sculpture
Anatomy, Hands, Head & Portrait, Human Figure
Water-Based Clay
2h 23m 21s
Drawing in Space

Set-up and Block-in

In this lesson, discover what materials you need and how to build your sculpting armature with detailed references. Learn how to begin, including key concepts like the “box and egg,” contrapposto and gesture.

About this Course

Depicting the realistic human figure in clay is one of the most complex challenges facing sculptors today, and one of the most respected.

Robert Bodem makes it as simple as possible with a powerful method he developed over 20 years called Drawing in Space, recorded for the first time for this online course.

In this course, you will learn a systematic and easy to follow approach to realistically depict the human figure in clay, while expressing your artistic intentions.

An impressive number of Robert’s former students who learned this method are now world-renowned artists – and now it’s your turn.

Beginner Friendly

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