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Drawing a Female Figure in Sanguine with Glenn Vilppu

Drawing a Female Figure in Sanguine
See a Master's Process for Drawing the Figure Glenn Vilppu demonstrates a complete figure drawing

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Glenn Vilppu
Drawing, Figure
Colored Pencil
58m 35s

Our students often ask us to show full-length drawing demonstrations from our master instructors. This new series will allow you to watch the entire drawing process, from the light gestural lay-in to the final marks all recorded in beautiful 4K Ultra HD. In this demonstration, world-renowned artist, Glenn Vilppu draws a female figure from the back view using a sanguine Polychromos pencil. Glenn takes his time on this drawing and really breaks down what he’s thinking about at each stage. You also have the advantage of the original reference image so that you can compare Glenn’s observations and interpretations to the real model.At the end of this lesson you’ll have gained a step-by-step approach to drawing the figure in a single color that you can apply to your own work. We recommend you watch this lesson more than once and follow along at home with your own drawings, pausing the lesson at each stage, so that you can take your own drawing through the entire process.


  • Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencil – Sanguine
  • Drawing Paper

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