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Digital Portraits After the Masters Week 2 with Iliya Mirochnik

Digital Portraits After the Masters Week 2
Learn To Paint Like The Masters Digitally with NMA instructor Iliya Mirochnik

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Iliya Mirochnik
Digital Art
Head & Portrait
Adobe Photoshop, Digital Tablet
2h 56m 35s

In this lesson, NMA instructor Iliya Mirochnikv will do a painting in the style of John Singer Sargent. You will learn the techniques that Sargent used in his paintings and how you can transfer that into your own work. Iliya will give you an assignment, which he will be reviewing in the following session.

Join Iliya Mirochnik for an 8-week interactive Live Class, where he teaches you the techniques for painting from the masters using different digital painting programs. Each week, Iliya will guide you through the analysis and copy of a master portrait painting, then create an original painting in the style of that master. Weekly assignments will contain different parameters for you to follow. During the stream, Iliya will go through students’ submitted assignments to give critiques and advice. You can submit assignments each week by following the Submission Guidelines PDF in the Assignment Tab.

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