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Creating a Complex Still-Life with Renae Wang

Creating a Complex Still-Life
Learn the Basic Fundamentals of Drawing Develop an understanding of complex still-lifes with light and shadow

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Renae Wang
Light & Color, Still life
Chalk, Charcoal Pencil
2h 54m 59s

In this lesson, instructor Renae Wang will guide you through constructing a complex still-life drawing utilizing the three-value statement and white. You will develop skills to create diverse objects with variations of local color and values, bringing depth and realism to your artwork. Renae will teach you how to unify a complex setup by grouping like values, giving the drawing a cohesive and harmonious feel. By the end of this lesson, you will have gained essential skills in still-life drawing, including creating a sense of depth, variations in local color and values, and a deeper understanding of how to unify a complex setup, bringing your artwork to life.

This lesson belongs to the course, Fundamentals of Drawing and Perspective. In this 10-week course, discover the fundamentals of observational drawing and perspective. Your instructor, Renae Wang, will guide you through the technical skills and materials needed to create convincing representations of still-lifes and environments, making this course accessible for beginners. You will learn to use different tools and techniques to create drawings that convey volume and space, including creating a construction drawing, applying linear perspective, and understanding value systems. Renae will demonstrate how to observe and describe a three-dimensional form on a two-dimensional plane, helping you create compositions that appear to pop out of the page. Additionally, you’ll learn how to measure, create a plan for your drawing, and use different shades of tone to give your artwork even more depth and richness. By the end of this course, you’ll have gained valuable skills and techniques to become a skilled artist, whether you’re just starting or looking to refine your skills.

Throughout this course, explore our Interactive Courses format. Submit assignments via our Digital Campus or Jotform/email, and receive tailored feedback. Enhance your understanding with this interactive approach. Learn more: https://live.nma.art/interactive-courses/.

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