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Color Boot Camp | Part 5: Hue with Bill Perkins

Color Boot Camp | Part 5: Hue
Master Color Theory! Balance and combine hues to create harmonious colors

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Bill Perkins
Color, Painting
Brushes, Canvas, Oil Paints, Palette, Sharpie pen
4h 42m 25s

In this series, instructor Bill Perkins brings you his crash course on color theory and practice. This six part series is designed to accelerate your learning curve, allowing you to gain confidence in your paintings and an overall understanding of how color works in various situations. Each lesson will focus on a different aspect of color, and will center around images of a model in different color and lighting set-ups designed by Bill himself.


  • Sharpie Marker
  • Gamblin Artists Grade Oil Paint
  • Hogs Hair Bristle Brushes – Filberts
  • Gamsol Oderless Mineral Spirits
  • Silicoil Brush Cleaning Tank
  • Palette Paper
  • Canvas Panel

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