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Design vs. Observation in Landscape Painting: Caspers Wilderness Park with Stapleton Kearns

Design vs. Observation in Landscape Painting: Caspers Wilderness Park
Be a Poet, Not a Journalist Caspers Wilderness Park, Orange County, CA

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Stapleton Kearns
Composition, Design, Landscape, Light & Color
Brush, Canvas, Oil Paints
2h 38m 53s

In this lesson, at Caspers Wilderness Park, instructor Stapleton Kearns introduces you to his color palette. You will study the concept of balancing between design and observation in landscape painting. Next, Stapleton explains how to apply shape posters in your artwork, in order to take control of the viewer’s eyes. This lesson includes an interview with Stapleton.

This lesson belongs to the course Designing Your Landscape Painting. Follow Stapleton Kearns through the howling deserts of Joshua Tree, the coast of Point Lobos, and the colorful fall landscape of Vermont, as he teaches you the New England style of landscape painting. Stapleton will take you through his decision-making process on how to design and construct different elements in a landscape painting. Along the way, you will learn his tips and tricks on brushes, paints, and personal techniques.

Throughout this course, you’ll have access to the NMA community for feedback and critiques to improve your work as you progress.