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Beginning Figure Drawing Part 1: Gesture & Structure with Steve Huston

Beginning Figure Drawing Part 1: Gesture & Structure
Gesture & Structure The foundations of beautiful art

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Steve Huston
Human Figure
Pen, Pencil
3h 39m 28s
Beginning Figure Drawing

This is where the real fun begins! The figure is the most difficult and intimidating subject matter that an artist can tackle. As scary as this sounds, Steve Huston is here to help.

Steve is a world-renowned artist specializing in drawing and painting the figure. Despite his impressive bona fides Steve specializes in making complex information easy to understand for everybody. In the first installment of a new series, Steve demystifies the relationship between Gesture & Structure with a series of lectures and demonstrations. You’ll learn to conceptualize the forms of the body using simple shapes, see how the Old Masters used these techniques, and do a practice drawing session (then Steve will draw from the same images!).

Beginning Figure Drawing represents the culmination of decades of instruction to studios and professionals around the world where Steve has honed his teaching philosophy down to a fun and efficient experience.

We will assume you know nothing about figure drawing at all. Even if you’ve been drawing the figure for years this gives you a great starting point to clarify each idea and build each concept on top of another.


  • Sharpie Markers
  • Conté à Paris Pencils
Beginner Friendly

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