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A Beginner’s Guide to Drawing | Lesson 6: Plaster Cast Drawings with Mark Westermoe

A Beginner’s Guide to Drawing | Lesson 6: Plaster Cast Drawings
New to Art? Get Started with the Beginner's Program! Mark will show you the traditional practice of plaster cast drawing

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The New Masters Academy Beginners Program helps aspiring artists start their artistic journey on the right foot. Your expert instructors will gently guide you to an understanding of drawing fundamentals. In this sixth lesson of the series, renowned illustrator and educator, Mark Westermoe, will teach you the time-honored practice of plaster cast drawing. You will learn about the history of the tradition, and why it’s a great way to use your understanding of basic forms to draw complex structures. Mark will conclude the lesson by bringing a drawing to full-rendered finish.



  • Conté a Paris Sketching Pencil – Black
  • Newsprint
  • Kneaded Eraser
Beginner / Intermediate

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