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A Beginner’s Guide to Drawing | Lesson 3: Using Your Pencil with Heather Lenefsky

A Beginner’s Guide to Drawing | Lesson 3: Using Your Pencil
New to Art? Get Started with the Beginner's Program! Learn everything you need to know about using the artist's most essential tool -- your pencil!

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Heather Lenefsky
Conté Pencil, Razor Blade, Sanding Block, Sanding Pad
23m 24s
A Beginner's Guide to Drawing

The New Masters Academy Beginner Series helps aspiring artists start their artistic journey on the right foot. Your expert instructors will gently guide you to an understanding of drawing fundamentals. In this lesson, Heather will teach you how to sharpen your pencil, and effective ways in which to properly hold it. She will then show you how to use your pencil as a measuring tool, and how to translate what you see in your subject to your drawing surface.



  • American Line Single Edge Razor Blades
  • Westcott Sandpaper Lead Pointer
  • Sanding Block
  • Conté a Paris Sketching Pencil – Black

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