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Beginner Oil Painting Projects Week 2 with Heather Lenefsky

Beginner Oil Painting Projects Week 2
Building Your Oil Painting Skills with Instructor Heather Lenefsky

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Heather Lenefsky
Animals, Still life
Oil Paints
1h 59m 55s

In this lesson, instructor Heather Lenefsky will continue on her demonstration of an elephant. You will learn the fundamentals of oil painting through different projects to develop your skills as a fine artist. At the beginning of this week, Heather will review the assignments from the last session. Heather will have you continue making progress on your painting and submit it, which she will be reviewing in the following session.

Join Heather Lenefsky for an 8-week interactive Live Class, where she will guide you through the fundamentals of oil painting. Heather will introduce you to painting pet portraits, still lifes, and self-portraits. You will be given a variety of projects to complete and submit; they help boost your confidence and improve your understanding of oil paintings. Each week, Heather will go through students’ submitted assignments to provide critiques and advice. You can submit assignments each week by following the Submission Guidelines PDF in the Assignment Tab.

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