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Animal Drawing Part 1: Introduction to Animal Drawing with Glenn Vilppu

Animal Drawing Part 1: Introduction to Animal Drawing
Introduction to Animal Drawing How do you draw what you don't know?

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Glenn Vilppu
Anatomy, Animals, Creature Design
Colored Pencil, Gouache, Pencil, Water Brush, Watercolor
1h 59m 11s
Animal Drawing

How do you begin to draw something you don’t know anything about? Start with what you know: humans, then apes. In this introductory lesson to Drawing Animals, Glenn will teach you how to observe the visual qualities of an animal based on differences in bone structure analysis, scale, and their diet. He draws a variety of animals from reference to illustrate his points, and finishes by doing gestural drawings of mice from life. The last chapter is a timed assignment for you to practice what you’ve learned. Premium members have hi-res downloads of the same references that Glenn uses, plus others.

Glenn’s approach to drawing animals is similar to his approach to figure drawing-– start with the gesture, then construct and use light to describe form and accentuate movement.

Instead of copying what you see, you will learn the skills necessary to draw animals from imagination. Glenn will start with Comparative Anatomy between humans and animals, and then break down specifics of animal anatomy. Specifics such as knowing what an animal eats and its place in the food chain can be discovered by analyzing its anatomy and structure.

By taking this structural point of view, you will be able to draw any animal from your imagination. This is beneficial to all artists, whether their interest is in Fine Art, Animation, Comics or other fields.

Beginner Friendly

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