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Anatomy Focus: A Seminar Live Class – Week 2 with Rey Bustos

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Rey Bustos

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Class Description

Join Rey Bustos in his NMA Seminar Series, designed for artists of all levels passionate about mastering human anatomy’s complexities. With Rey’s extensive expertise and captivating teaching style, explore the foundational principles and advanced nuances crucial for accurately depicting the human form. Delve into the intricacies of skeletal structures, muscular systems, and the subtleties of anatomical movement that are essential for creating lifelike representations. Participate in bi-weekly lectures that include insightful demonstrations and interactive discussions, deepening your anatomical drawing knowledge and skills and empowering you to bring realism and depth to your artistic creations.

A seminar-style live class is an interactive learning experience that combines the depth of traditional seminars with the convenience of online education. Led by expert instructors, these classes encourage active participation through discussions, live demonstrations, and Q&A sessions. They offer a flexible, open-ended approach to exploring specialized topics, allowing for continuous development and collaboration within a supportive community of artists.

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