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An Introduction to En Plein Air Painting with Bill Perkins

An Introduction to En Plein Air Painting
Learn the Basics of Painting Outdoors Bill will guide you through the process and techniques for successful plein air painting

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Bill Perkins
En plein air, Landscape
Oil Paints, Palette knife, Paper towel
2h 16m 8s

In this video lesson, instructor Bill Perkins will give you an introduction to en plein air painting, or “painting in open air.” Bill will begin by going over some unique challenges you will encounter with plein air painting, such as choosing your intention for your piece, finding the right frame, and how to work with changing light conditions.


  • Prismacolor Ebony Jet Black Pencil
  • Grumbacher Artists’ Oil Colors
  • Hog Hair Bristle Brushes – Filberts
  • Palette Knife
  • Silicoil Brush Cleaning Tank
  • Gamblin Gamsol Oderless Mineral Spirits
  • Metal Paint Scraper
  • Canvas Panel

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