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Advanced Head Drawing | Part 2: Visual Differences Between Sexes with Steve Huston

Advanced Head Drawing | Part 2: Visual Differences Between Sexes
Sharpen Your Head Drawing Skills Learn how to make your head drawings more masculine or feminine

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Steve Huston
Head & Portrait
Colored Pencil, Marker, Pen
2h 19m 50s
Advanced Head Drawing

In this series, master artist Steve Huston brings you his highly-anticipated advanced head drawing lessons. This second lesson in the series will cover the often subtle differences between the head and facial features of males and females. Steve begins at the lecture board, utilizing a set of skulls to elucidate the structural changes in head shape. With a foundational understanding of the varying “landscape” of the head, you can accentuate your characters’ features to portray them as more masculine or feminine. Steve will do several demonstrations working from photo references, which you can find attached to this page.



  • Faber-Castell Polyrchromos Pencil
  • Sharpie Permanent Marker
  • BIC Ballpoint Pen – Blue
  • Waterman Paris Fountain Pen

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