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Introduction to Character Design (Live Class)

Join instructor Larissa Marantz for an 8-week interactive Live Class, where she will give you the basics of shape language and design principles. You will create figurative character designs based on humans, animals, and other concepts. Larissa will cover construction, form, and dynamic posing, along with development costumes, character personality, and emotional expressions to formulate believable, relatable, and appealing designs. Each week, Larissa will go through students' submitted assignments to provide critiques and advice.

8 Lessons 15h 1m 14s of videos

Previously Live

In week four, Larissa Marantz will demonstrate creative ways to illustrate the complex emotions of characters. You will learn how to break down your own character into an armature and pose it to help sell the emotion you want to portray. Larissa will demonstrate the techniques she has used during her successful career as an animator/illustrator.

In week six, Larissa Marantz will teach you how to take the main character you have developed over this term and develop a supporting cast for them. You will learn the importance of a variety of shapes that can be used to create harmony within your cast. Larissa will demonstrate the techniques she has used during her successful career as an animator/illustrator.

Common Questions

How do I earn a Certificate of Completion for this class?

Earn a digital Certificate of Completion when you complete this Live Class and submit all assignments for review before the end of term. The guidelines with all the information pertaining to the Certificate of Completion are here: Live Class Certificate of Completion Guide. Additionally, students who fulfill the certificate requirements will receive a special badge for display in the NMA community forums and Discord server.

How do I participate in these Live Classes?

You can participate by accessing the live lesson page on Fridays at 12:30 pm PT. This event is for NMA subscribers, you can sign up for important email updates here. You will be updated when the stream goes live, with assignment reminders, and any schedule changes.

How can I submit my work for critique?

If you want to submit your drawing for critique, follow the submission guidelines PDF located in the assignment tab of each lesson.

What materials do I need to get for this Live Class?

A material PDF list is linked in each lesson under the description. Please check the file to see what you need to prepare.

Are there any assignments in this Live Class?

This Live Class includes downloadable assignment PDFs, that help you practice the materials taught by Larissa. Keeping up with these assignments will maximize your learning outcomes.

How can I interreact with other students taking this Live Class?

A great way to interact with fellow students is to join our Discord channel. Each Live Class has its very own channel where students can interact, ask questions, submit for community feedback, and more. This is also a great resource for updates and other events happening here at New Masters Academy.