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Intermediate Art Anatomy

Although anatomy is often studied by artists in the abstract, the best way to learn is to apply it using the language of drawing. This is precisely the approach that living master draftsman Glenn Vilppu takes in this course. In these lectures you will learn how the simplified anatomical forms of the body, pull, twist, turn, and insert to create the bulges, flats, and other forms that we know as the human figure. Not only does this course give you a better understanding of the body but it prepares you for more in depth anatomical study in the future. You will learn an approach to study and think about anatomy based on gesture, form, and the dynamics of the living figure.

5 Lessons 6h 22m 52s of videos

Level 1

The first place to start when learning the structure of the human figure is proportions. Glenn will teach you a practical and realistic system for approaching proportions where you learn a template and then notice how your character or model differs from that norm.

The torso is the largest mass of the body and it is the dynamic core from which the head neck and limbs all originate. This is a complex anatomical structure that can bend, tilt, twist and translate. Learn the major bony structures of the torso and how the flexible and soft tissues combine with them to create the realistic torso.

Level 2

The arms are the most versatile and mobile part of the body. They move independently and in combination with the shoulder girdle they are one of the most complex areas of the body to draw, paint, or sculpt. Learn how to draw the arms and how they move on the egg-like ribcage.

Level 3

Hands and feet are notorious among artists for being some of the most difficult areas of the body to draw. Learn how to think of these structures as simple boxes and how to consider the proportion and anatomy of the skeleton to create convincing and expressive hands and feet.