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Head Drawing for Entertainment Arts

For artists looking to go into the narrative/entertainment arts in careers such as animation, illustration, comics art, anime, etc knowing how to draw the human head is an essential skill. This unique course si taught by industry veterans Chris Legaspi (Professional Film and Games Illustrator and Gnomon School of Visual Arts instructor), and Charles Hu (3 Kicks founder and Art Center instructor) gives you a beginner-friendly, yet challenging crash course on the most important elements of drawing and designing heads. This class puts an emphasis on, composition, shape design, value design, and three-dimensional structure with many assignments and reference images for you to master each concept.

6 Lessons 20h 27m 58s of videos

Level 1

The lay-in is the analytical layer of your drawing that establishes the more important elements such as placement, proportion, character and form. There are many ways to render a drawing or painting, but they all depend on having a solid lay-in. Learn how to do a professional lay-in quickly and efficiently establishing the most important elements of the drawing.

While there are are infinite number of ways that you can render your head drawings, there are fundamental principles that don’t change. Learn how to think of light and shadow, how to simplify your value design, adding detail only where necessary, and how to make strong design choices and set yourself up for a successful finished drawing.

Level 2

Now that you have a general overview of the head drawing process, it’s time to dive deeper into the structural and proportional relationships of the head. Join Charles Hu for his famous head construction lecture, taught to professional artists over many years in Southern California. Make sure to take notes in your sketchbook!

More than most parts of the body, the look of the head and face is determined by the skull. Learn how to understand and visualize the skull in a way that is simple and architectural. This is a great alternative to diving deep into anatomy, and is a great way to improve your understanding of the forms that make up the portrait.

Common Questions

Can I do this course digitally (Procreate, Photoshop, etc)?

Absolutely! Like all NMA courses, you can follow along using a tablet and digital drawing software. The fundamentals of art are medium-independent. However it is up to you to figure out how to adapt the techniques to your software of choice.

Which course should I take before this one?

At the very least we recommend taking the Beginner's Guide to Drawing.

Which is a good choice to take after this one?

If you are looking to continue strengthening your understanding of head drawing we recommend taking the Frank Reilly Method of Illustration Drawing, Constructive Head Drawing, or Renaissance Head drawing next.