How to Design Creatures

Have you ever wanted to design creatures from imagination for your art? Join top entertainment designer Carlos Huante, as he walks you his creative process for designing beasts, monsters, and creatures of all shapes and sizes, rooted in solid three-dimensional drawing technique. You will learn how Carlos develops an idea, considerations for reference, narrative elements of design and much more in this exclusive course!

4 Lessons 9h 9m 40s of videos

Level 1

Level 2

In this drawing demonstration, creature designer and art director Carlos Huante shares with you his process of designing a creature from imagination. Unlike the first two demonstrations in this series, Carlos steers away entirely from human characteristics and creates an octopus-inspired sea creature entirely from imagination. Carlos shares his techniques and thoughts throughout the demonstration, […]

Level 3

Common Questions

Is this a good Learning Path for beginners?

This is an advanced course so we do not recommend starting here if you are new to drawing.

Do I have to know animal or human anatomy to start this learning path?

Anatomical knowledge is crucial for this Learning Path. We recommend starting with Introduction to Animal Anatomy with Joe Weatherly and Rey's Anatomy with Rey Bustos.

Carlos uses a digital tablet to complete his drawing. Is digital media required for this Learning Path?

Not at all! You can use whatever medium you prefer to complete this Learning Path.