Advanced Dynamic Gesture Drawing

In the first Dynamic Gesture Drawing course, famed draftsman and senior New Masters Academy instructor Glenn Vilppu takes you through his gestural and constructive figure drawing approach that follows closely with his popular book: Vilppu Drawing Manual. In this second installment course you will take your figure drawing skills to the next level, learning how to compose a gestural drawing and how to work in a variety of drawing media, from vine charcoal, to fountain pen, and much more. This is the perfect drawing course for intermediate to advanced artists looking to take their drawings to the next level.

8 Lessons 12h 55m 25s of videos

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Common Questions

What course should I take before this one?

This course is built upon the foundations of Dynamic Gesture Figure Drawing 1. Make sure to have done this course first and have plenty of practice in those assignments before proceeding with this advanced course.

Why is this course referred to as "Renaissance" drawing?

There are many drawing approaches to learn here at New Masters Academy. Of all of the approaches we teach, this most closely aligned with traditional western drawing and sketching.

Do I need to have all of the materials in this course to follow along?

It is recommended but make the best use of what you have. If you're working digitally try to mimic the behavior of the materials Glenn uses.

Can I take this course digitally (Procreate, Photoshop, etc)?

Yes!  As always you can take this course digitally but try to mimic the materials and techniques taught in the class rather than using digital "shortcuts."

Is this drawing approach good for fine art?

Yes, this is the closest approach to traditional western drawing that we teach at New Masters Academy. You can combine this with other approaches such as full value rendering.