A Beginner’s Guide to Modeling in Clay

Sculptor Eric Michael Wilson gives you a thorough introduction to modeling in clay for beginners in this Learning Path. Eric will begin with the very basics, giving you an overview of materials and techniques, and will finish with showing you how to model organic objects as well as a master study in clay.

5 Lessons 13h 58m 28s of videos

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

In this lesson master sculptor Eric Michael Wilson demonstrates a foundational exercise for sculptors that teaches you how to tackle a complex set of sculptural forms from Michelangelo’s famous David sculpture. In this traditional exercise, you have the opportunity to study and analyze forms at a large and controlled context without the pressures and compounding […]

Common Questions

Is this Learning Path only appropriate for beginner sculptors?

No, while this learning path is ideal for beginners, it contains valuable information for artists of all levels.

Eric introduces a lot of materials in the first video lesson. Are they all required for this Learning Path?

No. Sculpting requires a lot of materials, but Eric will guide you through which ones are the most crucial.

One of the lessons focuses on copying a cast of David's eye. Do I need be familiar with portraiture and the features before attempting this lesson?

Not at all! Copying the cast is an exercise in observing and reproducing complex forms.