Be Masterful!

Learn to make stunning drawing, painting, sculptures, and more — all at your own pace.

Certificate Program

Lifetime Membership Certificate Program

The Certificate Program includes:

  • Each Area of focus includes a Curriculum of recommended lessons for Drawing, Painting,or Sculpting
  • Learn at your own pace by watching the video lessons, taking notes and completing the recommended practice exercises
  • Apply for your Certificate by submitting a portfolio of works demonstrating your mastery of the concepts
  • When approved, you will receive a signed Certificate acknowledging your hard work and achievement!
  • Portfolios are submitted as applications for the certificate to a Certificate Panel of experienced New Masters Academy Coaches and Instructors
  • If the Panel doesn’t approve your portfolio, you will receive specific recommendations and comments to help you successfully apply for your Certificate the second time
  • Take your time! If you don’t succeed after two attempts, there is a fee of $199 to apply again. This fee also applies if you’re approved on your first submission but want to get a certificate in another focus