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    ⚠️ Class Links

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    Class Description

    In this interactive Live Class, NMA instructor Charles Hu will teach you to draw figures for entertainment design. Over 8-weeks, Charles will guide you through the fundamentals of drawing the human figure, from capturing the gesture to depicting clothed figures. But this class isn’t just about technical skills – Charles will also delve into the storytelling and design aspects of figure drawing, helping you create compelling figures. With Live Classes each week, you’ll have the opportunity to receive personalized feedback and ask Charles any burning questions you may have. Plus, each week will build upon the foundation set by the previous session, ensuring that you’re continually progressing and improving your skills.

    ⭐️ Certificate Available

    Earn a digital Certificate of Completion when you complete this Live Class and submit all assignments for review before the end of term. Certificate details are located in the Assignments tab of this lesson page. Additionally, students who fulfill the certificate requirements will receive a special badge for display in the NMA community forums and Discord server.

    ✏️ Class Materials

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